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Gauge NXTLAB is a groundbreaking new tool to help you get ahead of what’s next in culture. We've cultivated a network of thousands of top thought-leaders, influencers and experts and use AI and human intelligence to help you learn from them every day. With NXTLAB you'll understand the next  offline events, online moments, emerging voices, competitive brands, and issues and causes that can accelerate your performance and relevance.


We survey the largest, most dynamic research panel of influencers that exist, and pipeline insight from them to you.
NXTLab Influencers


Whenever a future in-person event, emerging individual voice, issue or cause, brand making noise, or online moment comes on the cultural radar, it’s on NXTLAB’s platform.


You can see what brands - including yours - are associated with big moments.


You hear directly from influencers who put the moment into context for you.


You can ask influencers follow-up questions and request custom research and activations to shape your next move.

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