Jobs with Gauge


Do you stay plugged into Twitter, and have your pulse on the latest news, from culture and sports to business and finance, and more?

Are you a great, fast writer -- meaning, you can send quick, clear emails without a second thought?

Are you very comfortable learning new technologies? Also comfortable emailing new people with cold requests for information?

Do you have 15- 25 hours per week free and want to work from home in a solid contract position?

If so, we're hiring and would love to hear from you!

Gauge is a market research company. We help a range of companies and brands understand what's coming next in culture, what matters most, and what it means for them.

We are hiring a couple contract EDITOR positions for NXTLAB by Gauge, a groundbreaking new research product. This Editor will monitor new moments that are emerging in culture, and reach out to experts and influencers to put these moments in context for us.

We'll explain more when we chat, but if those qualities describe you, send an email to [email protected] with more info about yourself, where you are in life, what you're interested in. We'll then be in touch.

Learn more about Gauge at and the NXTLAB product at